Saturday, March 12, 2011

The "Big" Move

September turned out to be a pretty hectic month for me, with camp and then the "big" move shortly after getting back from camp. It's time for some more background information about my job. The reason the 8th grade job was available was because the former 8th grade Language Arts teacher took on a different position at our school...intervention specialist. That meant she no longer would have a classroom but would be compiling and studying lots of data. The only problem, she had already made plans to have a student teacher. Since she had the student teacher it was decided that the student teacher would slowly take over my classes during her time with us.

We had enough rooms out in the portables (where the 7th and 8th grade is housed along with the options program...for kids with behavior problems that prohibit them from being able to function in a regular classroom) that Jodi (the former 8th grade teacher) and I could each have our own rooms. That was until September when another classroom was needed for the options program. The solution...Jodi and I would share a classroom and the 8th grade math teacher would move in to my old classroom.

On moving day I was still packing things up as things were coming in, going out, and kids were here, there and everywhere. And in the middle of it all the preschool calls and Nathan had just thrown up. Talk about a crazy day! Yup, I should have stayed in Kindergarten!

I was going through my work email about a month ago looking for something and I found an email from Jodi referring to this as the "big" move. Oh if only this were the big move. It turned out to be very minor compared to what was in store for me next.

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