Saturday, March 12, 2011

Nathan Goes to School

Teachers reported back to school the last week of July and students were back the first week of August. We found a home daycare for the kiddos but it was clear after one day that while it was great for Emily it was not a perfect fit for Nathan. He was not acting like himself at all when we picked him up that first day and the next morning he did NOT want to go. It was hard getting him out of the car and in to the house. Thankfully we found out that our school district was opening their preschool up to full-time, tuition based students. We got special permission to enroll Nathan (since we are out of district) and he started school on August 5th. Here he is on the car on the way to school, outside his classroom, and then headed in to all the fun!

Now I know what you may be thinking. I sent my kid to preschool...isn't that against everything I believe in eduction? In short- yes, but he was thrilled with the idea, especially if it meant he didn't have to go to the home daycare anymore. The goal is still to get back to a place in life where I can home school and do my unschooling thing for a while before starting anything formal but for now life is what it is. It has been rough since Nathan is in a 3 year old class and is actually regressing a bit academically to try to fit in with his classmates. We are actually strongly considering early kindergarten for him if our circumstances stay as they currently are come August.

August was full of very long days and being tired and exhausted. I was quite homesick and stressed most of the time. I'm happy to report that while we still have very long days and are tired and exhausted we are a bit happier now and not as stressed. Teaching this year has been hard on many levels, more about that later, but I am surviving and what doesn't kill me will nly make me stronger!

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