Saturday, March 12, 2011

Emily turns 2!

Our little Princess turned 2 on September 5th (I know, that was more than 6 months ago but I figured I should at least post something before she is 3). We asked her what she wanted to do for her birthday and she decided she wanted to go to the zoo. At the time the Phoenix Zoo was offering free admission to Bank of America card holders so Jon and I got in free. Nathan was only 1/2 price because we still had our Detroit Zoo membership. And because we went on September 4th, the day before her birthday, Emily was still under 2 and free as well.

It was another hot day but we stayed for a few hours and the Birthday Girl seemed to enjoy it. We didn't get many pictures unfortunately, but we did snap a few good ones.

Here is Emily, excited to be going to the zoo.

The zoo lets you ride your bike inside so Nathan was excited to bring his bike. He is riding around a splash pad, which we all enjoyed running around in to cool off, in this picture.


We also took a "train" ride (it is not a real train) and spent a considerable amount of time playing at the splash pad mentioned above. Overall it was a great day.

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